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Building and Construction

Polycarbonate Film/Sheet & Moldings

  • Polycarbonate (PC) is increasingly used in the building & construction and lighting markets
  • PC has one main limiting feature, which holds back its use from a wider range of applications in these markets; the ability to meet the industry FR standards in "thin" transparent parts.
  • Nofia® products have the proven ability to achieve the most stringent FR specifications at a thickness of 0.4mm while maintaining full transparency and excellent melt flow
    • Thin wall moldings such as sight glasses or in or windows systems that require FR     

Target Polymer Systems

  • Polycarbonate
  • TPU


Nofia® CO3000

Decorative Laminates and Architectural Panels

Nofia® Oligomers deliver:

  • Excellent transparency, physical properties and retention of properties, and color in humid environments
  • Strong performance in E-162 ASTM FR Test
  • No blooming or migration out of polymer system

Target Polymer System

  • Unsaturated polyesters