Unique Features



Technology Features Include:

  • Flame retarding (FR) polymers that are used as FR additives in plastics or used as stand-alone, inherent FR polycarbonate
  • Molecular weight (Mw) ranges from 3,000 to over 100,000 g/mole (PS standards)
  • Product portfolio includes polyphosphonates and poly[phosphonate-co-carbonate]s
  • Ability to tailor polymer properties by changing chemical structure and polymer architecture
  • Polyphosphonates have the highest limited oxygen index (LOI) for any thermoplastic processable polymer
  • Products are completely transparent
  • High melt flow and melt strength

Phosphorus Content Vs. Polyphosphonate/Polycarbonate Composition of Copolymer


Comparison of Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI)

Indicative Key Properties in Comparison to PC